We're not just a healthcare financing company; we're a people company. Every one of our patients has a story to tell and a life to live. Why should medical finances get in the way of that?

Online Account Management and Bill Pay

At HealthFirst, you can manage your experience completely online, or you can speak with one our of friendly and helpful account representatives. Our services range from online e-statements, online bill pay, or even setting up monthly reoccurring payments so you'll never miss a payment.

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Affordable Monthly Payments

With a HealthFirst account, you're able to consolidate all of your medical bills into a single easy to manage account. Instead of several bills from different facilities, you'll receive just one bill with affordable monthly payments to help you pay for your medical expenses.

Affordable Interest Rates

As a HealthFirst customer, you receive low and affordable interest rates, sponsored by your healthcare provider, which allows you to pay off your balances even faster. Contact your healthcare provider to see what interest rates they offer.

Revolving Credit Options

Consolidating existing expenses is great, but what about the future? With a HealthFirst account, there's the option of opening a revolving line of credit, just like using a credit card. You'll get a card that you can use every time you visit your doctor or hospital, and your expenses will get added to your account so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of HealthFirst.

HealthFirst Financial Card

Friendly and Helpful Staff

Patients aren't just a number to us. They're a life and a story, and we take pride in helping people manage their healthcare expenses when they have no where else to turn. You'll find our staff at HealthFirst to be friendly and helpful, while working with you on a personal level, not as a policy. Have a special situation? Our staff will work with you one on one to help get you on track with your medical financing.

Apply Today

At HealthFirst Financial, you have the independence and the flexibility you need to manage your outstanding medical balances. Our specialized programs eliminate the need for high interest loans while providing you with the financing you need. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact your healthcare provider today. HealthFirst Financial works in partnership with a variety of medical providers throughout the country. To find the participating provider closest to you, please call toll free: 1-866-550-9955.