Harmony in Patient Healthcare Financing

HealthFirst Financial is not just a medical financing company, we’re a PEOPLE COMPANY!

HealthFirst Financial harmonizes your healthcare finances with your healthcare needs by offering flexible medical financing solutions that are agreeable to both you, the patient, and your healthcare provider. The results are greater satisfaction with your healthcare experience while helping your healthcare provider better meet their mission of providing exceptional care.

Our approach has resulted in HealthFirst Financial being the only patient financing company in the world to receive Peer Review Designation from the Healthcare Financial Manager’s Association (HFMA).

What patients and providers are saying about HealthFirst

“HealthFirst has been an amazing company to work with to resolve my medical debts. Medical debt has never been convenient to resolve until now. The team at HealthFirst is professional and helpful. Their customer service is superior; I am treated like a person, not a loan number, and that’s important to me. It is fantastic that I can talk to the representatives about my situation and I know that my information will be kept confidential. Maintaining a loan through HealthFirst has allowed my family to successfully pay off my debts with a reasonable payment plan that works within my budget. HealthFirst is helping me resolve my debt and become debt free, and that is very relieving. Thank you HealthFirst for all that you have done for my family.”

- Chris W.