What We Do

What We Do

We’re changing the healthcare industry because we believe it’s the right thing to do

We want healthcare providers to thrive and patients to live a healthy lifestyle. HealthFirst was born out of a collection agency that discovered healthcare providers were facing a difficult obstacle: bad debt was increasing, cash flow was diminishing, and patients were not able to access healthcare affordably. We did not believe this was right for both providers and patients, and we wanted to change the story.

  • 2001 – April

    HealthFirst Financial was founded in 2001 by Joe Hawes, CEO of Hawes Group. Joe recognized the difficult obstacle healthcare providers were facing: unpaid medical bills was growing and patients did not have access to affordable healthcare. He wanted to change the story and formed HealthFirst Financial with Tammie Coon, our VP Client Services and Product Development.

  • 2008 – December

    HealthFirst Financial found a new home in Springfield, Oregon. To support our growth, our operations center moved into an 80,000 square foot building that continues to serve our in-house call center today.

  • 2013 – August

    HealthFirst Financial hits a milestone by funding over $73 million to healthcare providers.

  • 2014 – June

    The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) awarded the “Peer Reviewed by HFMA” designation to HealthFirst Financial for the first time. The rigorous, eleven step process includes initial screening, a detailed online survey of 25 current clients, and five prospects that did not buy the service, a presentation in front of Peer Review panelists, and a thorough legal review. Once all steps have been completed, the Peer Review team reviews all information to determine if the applicant qualifies for designation based on high survey scores and positive ratings from reviewers.

    We were honored to earn this prestigious designation.

  • 2015 – December

    Our mobile app launches! As the first and only patient financing firm to offer a mobile app, our account holders are able to view and edit account details, make a payment, and see current statement and payment history all while being on the go.

  • 2017 – May

    HealthFirst Financial hits a milestone by funding nearly $350 million to over 220 facilities in 35 states, and serving roughly 170,000 accounts.

  • 2017 – June

    HealthFirst Financial again earns the prestigious HFMA Peer-Review designation for its affordable patient financing programs keeping us on the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Short List of “high value, high quality healthcare business solutions.”

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KaLynn Gates
President and Corporate Counsel
Tammie Coon
VP, Client Services & Product Development
Lisa Smith
VP, Operations
Shannon Conklin
VP, Marketing
Nell Dura
Integration Manager
Amy Neuberger
Regulatory and Compliance Counsel
Seppo Rajala